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(CREED)- Our creed, discipline and rules of order: The word of GOD, (the Holy Scriptures) rightly divided, as taught by the Lord Jesus Christ and his holy apostles, the holy prophets and by the Holy Ghost. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.
(St.John14:26,17:13-23/ICor.2:9-13/Eph.2:20/IITim.2:15; 3:16,17)

(DOCTRINAL  FOUNDATION)- For there is one eternal living spirit God. Who is Holy, Supreme and Creator. Theres one mediator of salvation, the man Christ Jesus, the son of GOD, and that eternal life is through the understanding and knowledge of GOD the FATHER, and Jesus Christ the SON, by the Holy Ghost and the obedience to the word of GOD.
(Isaiah44:6/ Jerem.9:23,24/St.Matt.7:21,16:18/St.John7:16-18,17:3/Eph.4:5-6/ITim.2:5/IIJohn1:3)

(MINISTRY AND MISSION)- The Lord Jesus Christ gave gifts unto the church to edify unto perfection in obedience to the Son of GOD doctrine. We must as saints, ministers, elders, and bishops, work together with the same mind by the Holy Ghost. We must edify all races of people, support the needy and weak, to visit the sick, fatherless, widows, and to be helpers one to another.To point the lost to the way of salvation.( Luke22:44-48/Acts2:42-47/Eph.4:11-13/IITim.4:2-5/ Titus2:7-8)

(FELLOWSHIP)- The New Testament teachings denote the following concepts: communion, sharing in common, communication, partaker, partnership and contribution. All of these are expressed in the body of Christ. That we all may have fellowship with the Father (GOD), his son (JESUS), the O.T.Prophets and with his 12 N.T. Apostles.(I.Cor.1:9; I.Cor.10:16-22; II.Cor.6:14; Phil.2:1-4; Heb.10:24-25; I.John1:3,6-7; I.John5:10-15)

(OFFERING: FREE-WILL GIVING)- Offering is an act of worship. It is a personal liberty matter between the individual and GOD. The church's welfare is run on offerings. Tithing is a personal self-willed & not required by Christ option of one's giving. This church's ministerial leadership does not enforce or police tithing upon one's liberty. The New Testament doctrine promotes giving of free-will offerings as one has purposed in his heart to give.(Matt.6:21; Matt.23:23; Mark12:43-44;Luke6:38 I.Cor.9:18;II.Cor.8:11-15;II.Cor.9:5-13)

(DIVINE HEALING)- The Lord God alone is our Healer. He is the creator of man. Healing for man was given to Jesus and his Apostles through the HolyGhost of God. Jesus gave the church the gift of healing and the healing by faith of the ministry Elders. Thus commanding us to receive and to do the same. (Matt.9:1-8; Mark16:18; Luke10:9; James5:13-15; Isai.53:5)


(ORIGINAL SIN AND FALL OF MAN )- Man was created good and upright; for God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." The first man, Adam, through disobedience fell from the grace of God, and thus sin and death entered into the world. Adam's transgression incurred not only physical death for man but also spiritual death(aka.second death), which is eternal darkness in disfellowship and separation from God. Man's propensity to sin because of his sinful nature necessitates salvation from the power of sin and a Savior from God, to provide that salvation (Gen.1:26/Gen.2:17; 3:6-24/Roms.5:12-21).


( THE FIRST RESURRECTION )- We believe in the caughting away up of the saints of God from the earth unto gathering together with Christ Jesus in the clouds, and we will forever be with the Lord. This first event of the first resurrection is called the "rapture". In the rapture are all the saints ressurecting from the dead or alive at present, unto a glorified body. The saints will come from the First World dispensation, Old Testament dispensation, New Testament dispensation and finally at end of the Great Tribulation period.( I.Cor.15:21/ I.Thess.4:15/ Phill.4:20/ Rev.20:4,5)


(WORSHIPPING OF DEVILS)-We do not accept nor follow after the blind world in the practicing of celebrating birthdays, holidays and of the dead. Accepting idols and images for Assembly worship. These practices are devil inspired and from mankind’s pride of life.(Lev.18:3; Deut.6:12-15& 12:30; IIKing17:15; Acts15:20; I.Cor.10:7,18-22; Gal.4:8-11; Col.2:16:23)


(SALVATION FORMULA)-  We strongly believe and are fully persuaded that, an individual must simply obey GOD, by believeing in, and on, the son of GOD, that Jesus Christ was a man sent from GOD,lived and sacrificed died for your sins, and to acknowledge that you are a sinner, and to fully repent of all your sins, and to be baptized by being fully emerged in water in the "NAME OF LORD JESUS CHRIST", and to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in tongues. This is recognized as one that is now born again of "water" and of "spirit". Therefore becoming a part of the "body of Jesus Christ-the church" and the "Family of God the Father". (ACTS 2:38; 8:12-37/Rom.6:3-5/ICor.12:112,13/Eph.1:13)


(WE BELIEVE)-  One God= Father God, One Lord= Christ Jesus, One Faith=Christ`s Doctrine, One Baptism=Born again of water and spirit, One Body= Predestined souls of men and women, One Spirit=Holy Ghost of God. We believe Life is in God's son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that God is a spirit, and Jesus is and was a man, that was sent by God to save and to manifest God's godliness and holiness. We believe that Jesus was never the lord God of Heaven (creator), but that God was in the man Jesus by his spirit, and that Jesus is one and holy as his Father God... I do not believe nor respect the  Dogma error that "Jesus is God!” or "God Son" For this belief is contrary to the Apostle's Doctrine, therefore spiritual death unto all that do believe it ! The Apostle's record message was only, This man Jesus, is the very Christ, the Son of the True Living God!(St.John 8:24; 17:3/ Gal.1:8,9/  I.John 4:3; 5:10-13/ Rev.21:8)